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What can Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel do that no other liquid fuel can do?

Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel can rock our world, the right way.

Is the trash you generate really just “waste?” Aren’t all biofuels the same? Is civilization doomed because humans refuse to stop treating the world as a dump for society’s solid, liquid and gaseous wastes? Is sustainable, clean energy a pipe dream in today’s “cradle-to-grave” world powered largely by fossil energy? So many questions, so few answers. What’s a thinking, caring person to do? Join forces with Bioroot Energy to fund commercial-scale production of the “Sleeping Giant” of Alcohol Fuels. Help build the “Carbon Bridge” we must all cross as individuals and communities/industries to balance our production and use of energy and disposal of waste carbons.

Take some time to learn why higher mixed alcohol fuel is the game-changer clean fuel whose broad, worldwide production and use just might be the greatest  thing since sliced bread, but a lot more valuable! This is the clean fuel that your city can produce. This is the fuel that the fossil energy industry needs to clean up its emissions and wastes. This is the clean fuel that can spell the difference between environmental disaster and an environment that supports life. It’s important stuff that can change everything the world knows about energy and wastes.

What’s in your trash can represents significant amounts of stored energy. So much energy that it can power the “cradle-to-cradle” economy our world needs. How? By converting it to the world’s strongest, cleanest and most profitably produced alcohol fuel that powers all engines with no modifications.

Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel

Based on proven, scalable gas-to-liquid (GTL) fuel technologies, Higher Mixed Alcohol Fuel is a powerful, clean, water-soluble, biodegradable, 138 octane fuel, EPA registration approved for use in gasoline and diesel engines without modification in all 50 states. Made 24×7 in a clean, closed-loop process from anything carbon-based: Municipal solid and liquid wastes, biomass, coal, oil, refinery wastes, methane, and CO2.

Bioroot Energy is a Montana cleantech company with the world’s coolest job: turning on the “Carbon Bridge” by developing clean fuel projects producing higher mixed alcohol fuel.  What holds us back? It’s partly a social problem. It’s actually all 7.3 billion of us “smart” and sometimes “dumb” humans making a lot of waste and burning dirty liquid fuels. Our use of gasoline, diesel, coal and especially the production and disposal of large amounts of carbon waste is a personal/community problem too, and your support in converting society’s wastes into clean alcohol fuel the world needs is the solution. We receive no government funding, and big money is waiting for us to bust it loose first before they’re going to play.

We will build the Carbon Bridge with your help, and we will never forget your contribution. Thank you. Please note that contributions are NOT tax deductible at this time.

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